Who are we?

We are Focus Group USA, and we are provided the online market research survey to the people of the USA from the past 10 Years. Focus Group USA Started back in 2009 in which we are provided online market research forums.
Our First online study was related to health and fitness which was happened in California before 18 Years ago. Now In 2019, we are working more than 30 Paid online market Research Studies in which the user can fill the survey and earn Money.

We also Host Pre-Person Focus group which is related to Medical Studies, Health and Fitness, Beauty Tips of Women, Online Survey, Online Assignments, Skye Interview, Studies and Many More.

Do you have an opinion?

Focus Group USA teams provide consumers and healthcare professionals the chance to share their opinions about the products and assistance they utilize daily.
Your Detail helps our clients enhance the products and services they represent. Learn about the four stages of our eligibility process for participating in research studies here.

Do you need an opinion?

We offer top of the line services to our marketing research industry clients by finding individuals interested in participating in marketing research discussions. We then entertain these discussions at our amenities, online, or on the phone.

For more information about Focus Group USA, please visit our corporate website, https://www.focusgroupusa.com/