Focus Groups USA Online Studies: research

Get paid to participate in Focus Groups USA in research. Focus Groups USA is interesting and a great way to make some extra money. Most Focus Groups USA  pay anywhere between $50 to $400 per session (usually about 1 to 2 hours).

How do Focus Groups USA work?

Focus Groups USA are organized by market research companies on behalf of all companies that want to learn what people think of their products and whats the opinion of users about their products are. It is usually located at a facility where a group of 6-10 people come together and discuss the product of a certain company. You basically give your opinion on it. This information is then collected and used to make the product better. Participants are paid after the Focus Group is finished.

Focus Groups In research

Online Focus Group about Shipping Research – $125

COMPENSATION: $125 Elliott Benson Research is conducting a shipping research study for adults...

Online Focus Group about Home Appliance Research – $250

COMPENSATION: $175 Elliott Benson Research is conducting a home appliance research study for...

Online Focus Group about Pets – $125

COMPENSATION: $125 Love your pets? GetPaid $125 for an online focus group on pet #supplies...

Online Focus Group about Products – $125

COMPENSATION: $125 Online Product Research fill out the survey and get paid $125 (more…)

Online Focus Group about Hair – $175

COMPENSATION: $175 Trying to maintain healthy hair? GetPaid $175 for a product test and online...