Nationwide Paid Online Focus Group about PITTSBURGH – $250


Please complete a Nationwide Online Focus Group USA survey to show your eligibility.

Nationwide Paid Online Focus Group about PITTSBURGH – $250

Nationwide Paid online Market research Company is looking for male and female. Age 18+ for their upcoming Paid Online Focus Group about PITTSBURGH . participate in a focus group about PITTSBURGH taking place in the month of May(6-8).

Please complete this survey to determine your eligibility for a 2-4 hours in-home interview or Call for Brenna.

HELLO PITTSBURGH VIEWERS!!! So I got this project that we are ONLY recruiting 4 people. (plus 2-4 of your friends/family) It’s for an in-home interview being scheduled between May 6-8th with open availability. This is a LONG screener, but, click on the link to see if you pre-qualify and I will call you if you do. There is still one more part that I would need to ask you some questions. It’s long, but the reward is $250 for 2 1/2 hours of your time. And your friends/Family will get $50 (as we only need them the last half hour)
Call for Brenna at 412-928-3249

All interested participants should answer all of the series of screening questions. Follow the survey prescreen Survey Link :

Published: 23th April 2019
Location: National
Pay: $-250
Gender: All
Age Range: Both
Facility: Nationwide Online Focus Group
Expiration Date: 23th April 2019

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