Nationwide Paid Online focus Group USA About Shopping – $75


Please complete a Nationwide Online Focus Group USA survey to show your eligibility.

Nationwide Paid Online focus Group USA About Shopping – $75

Nationwide Paid online Market research Company is looking for male and female Age 25-60 for their upcoming Paid Online Focus Group about About Shopping

To participate in a paid focus group about Shopping taking place in a Thursday, January 16.

Online Market Research about Shoppingtaking place week of Thursday, January 16

hose who participate will be compensated $75 for 1 hour of their time. Some may be selected for an additional 1.5 hours and will be compensated an additional $70. Click here to take the survey to see if you qualify

After you fill out the survey, we will send you a confirmation email if you initially qualify. Your information is kept strictly confidential and will not be used for anything other than to recruit you for THIS study. We will not be able to reach out to people who do not initially qualify for this study or if the study is now filled.

All interested participants should answer all of the series of screening questions.

Published: Thursday, January 16
Location: Nationwide
Pay:  $75
Gender: Both Male and Female
Age Range: 25-60
Facility: Nationwide Online Focus Group
Expiration Date: Thursday, January 16