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We are Find Paid Focus Groups and Focus Group USA, and we are provided the online market research survey to the people of the USA for the past 12 Years. Focus Group USA Started back in 2009 in which we are provided online market research forums.

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Online Focus Group about Food – $175

COMPENSATION: $175 Online Product Research fill out the survey and get paid $175 (more…)

Online Focus Group about Products – $125

COMPENSATION: $125 Online Product Research fill out the survey and get paid $125 (more…)

Online Focus Group about Childcare – $200

COMPENSATION: $200   Good Afternoon, Childcare Professionals! Focus Group by Schlesinger is looking for: Nannies, Night Nurses, Babysitters. GetPaid $200 for an online focus group on gifts on Tuesday, January 5th (more…)

Online Focus Group about Household Research- $200

COMPENSATION: $200   Last chance to earn $200 on household? GetPaid $200 for an online focus group on gifts on Tuesday, January 5th (more…)

Online Focus Group about Shopping – $100

COMPENSATION: $100   Last second-holiday shopping? GetPaid $100 for an online focus group on gifts on December 18th! (more…)

Online Focus Group about Management – $200

COMPENSATION: $200   Fieldwork Seattle is looking for participants for a study on Church Management! (more…)

Online Focus Group about Lifestyle – $100

COMPENSATION: $100   People ages 25-60 are needed to participate in an online focus group being held December 8th – 18th at various times. (more…)

Online Focus Group about Hair – $175

COMPENSATION: $175 Trying to maintain healthy hair? GetPaid $175 for a product test and online board on hair care to begin on a rolling basis starting 12/8 ! (more…)

Online Focus Group about Frozen Food – $50 – 150

COMPENSATION: $50 to $150 (more…)

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Nationwide Focus Group Most Popular Questions

1. What Is a Market Research Focus Group?

A focus group is a group of deliberate group of people who participate in a facilitated discussion to obtain consumer perceptions about a particular topic or area of interest.

Market research is a study based on consumer opinions and occurs because companies are interested in learning what ordinary consumers think about their products and services. These companies hire independent market research facilities to determine how consumers perceive topics including current products, upcoming products, products in development, and brand image.

2. What Are Focus Groups?

A focus group is actually a survey based on paid market research. Where participants were able to answer different questions and discussions that focus on group topics and earn money. A focus group is a market research technique where different people together and provide feedback. a focus group is also used for marketing campaigns.

Market research focus groups are controlled interviews is a group-specific audience that managed by specific faciliatory.

3. How Focus Groups Work?

Focus groups are designed to identify users’ feelings, understandings, and thoughts about particular surveys, services, or solutions. The first step to having an effective nationwide paid focus group is to clearly define the purpose of the group.

A focus group is a form base survey platform of paid market research. Where participants come and answer different questions and do a discussion about different paid focus group products or surveys. A focus group is a market research platform where different group of people come and provide feedback on different paid focusgroups marketing campaigns.

4. How To Earn $300 per hour With Online Paid Focus Groups?

Big and small corporations hire research companies to become part of paid focus groups to study the trends and improve business plans. Paid Focus Groups Research companies, gather focus groups information from real people like you about services and products, and paid them $300 or more per hour.

5. Why don’t I hear back from certain facilities after filling out a pre-screener?

Many research market companies do NOT contact individuals that do not appear to qualify for upcoming paid studies, also these companies do not waste people’s valuable time if they don’t fulfill paid studies requirements.

Unfortunately, our company, FocusGroupUSA, does not have any policy to inform our loyal customers if you qualify or not. However, if
you don’t qualify then dint worry our team will contact you via phone within 5 working days.

6. What type of studies use focus groups / focusgroupusa?

Focus Group USA is the company in which we deal with a wide range of latest upcoming online marketing studies, Focus Group Studies, Paid online studies related to beauty and health, clinical trials studies, statewide studies.

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